Episode 6 with Lee Poston

What In The World Can Be Saved?

The theme of this episode is conservation in Thailand. We speak with Head of Communications Lee Poston from the World Wild Life Fund about his long experience in the conservation movement. What has he seen? What does he hope to see? What can we do about it?

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This Thai Life

Episode 5 Pop Culture with Note Pongsuang


On this podcast we talk about many different types of pop culture in Thailand and how that culture has changed over the last twenty years. We get this perspective from someone who has not only lived through it but became a part of Thailand’s cultural scene. Note gives us his perspective on music from Britpop to K-Pop. He waxes lyrical about the art scene from his days at Silapakorn University to comics to the state of the fine arts scene in Thailand today. He also provides us with an insight into his own work as promoter, DJ, graphic designer, writer, entrepreneur and artist. Just don’t mention the word “capitalist”.


“You start it from doing this party at (a) shit venue. One day you end up working in a museum, doing the art award for the biggest museum in Thailand. It is kinda weird in a way but it started from that dancefloor.”


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Episode 4 Teaching and Getting Taught in Thailand

This month we talk about teaching in Thailand while touching on many related topics including distance learning, technology enhanced learning and travel as a form of education.

Long term Thailand resident Gareth Davies gives us his insights both professional and personal on how to get yourself schooled.


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Episode 3 Thainess


This episode takes on an enormous yet shapeless topic. The sort of thing that is easier to pin down by what it isn’t, rather than what it is. The topic I’m speaking about is “Thainess”. Does such a think exist? If it does, what is it? And where does it come from? Is it static or does it change? And if it changes, then what remains? Let’s find out…


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This Thai Life, Episode 2: Inside Thai Football.



Inside Thai Football covers all aspects of football culture in Thailand from the “Red War” between Manchester United and Liverpool, to crowd violence, to the massive growth of homegrown Thai football as a form of entertainment in the country. Kick it off.


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Dominick Cartwright Quote

Episode one is now live. Thai Film Censorship.



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Censorship is nothing new to Thailand but censorship in Thai film has always been of a different more stringent sort. Many everyday depictions of daily life in Thailand never find their way onto the silver screen and we find out why. We trace the censorship of film back through the decades and see how successive governments have taken the moving image as a matter of grave importance.