Episode 3 Thainess


This episode takes on an enormous yet shapeless topic. The sort of thing that is easier to pin down by what it isn’t, rather than what it is. The topic I’m speaking about is “Thainess”. Does such a think exist? If it does, what is it? And where does it come from? Is it static or does it change? And if it changes, then what remains? Let’s find out…


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This Thai Life, Episode 2: Inside Thai Football.



Inside Thai Football covers all aspects of football culture in Thailand from the “Red War” between Manchester United and Liverpool, to crowd violence, to the massive growth of homegrown Thai football as a form of entertainment in the country. Kick it off.


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Episode one is now live. Thai Film Censorship.



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Censorship is nothing new to Thailand but censorship in Thai film has always been of a different more stringent sort. Many everyday depictions of daily life in Thailand never find their way onto the silver screen and we find out why. We trace the censorship of film back through the decades and see how successive governments have taken the moving image as a matter of grave importance.